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 To most, 34th Avenue is just a street in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. But to the Johnson family, it was the beginning of an epic story. Perry and Sandra, the parents of Tiny Johnson, met on a sunny day during the intermission of a football game. Attracted to her beauty, Perry would approach Sandra, a majorette, under a tree on the campus of AM&N now known as the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. He would go on to greet her with a hopeful “Hello”, only to receive a polite “Hi”. They would eventually date, marry, and move to 34th Avenue with little income but BIG hopes and dreams. It was from there that their dreams of entrepreneurship would come into fruition. Through 50 years of marriage, raising 4 children, all while juggling careers, together with the help of God and others, they established and maintain multiple businesses. They are known as the epitome of creating “Something from Nothing”. Now their youngest daughter, Tiny, is following in the entrepreneurial footsteps.
34th Avenue is a God given idea that was birth from their journey. We are proud to beautifully dress women all over the world. As women, we wear many hats. The 34th Avenue woman knows how to get the job done and look great while doing it! Just like Perry and Sandra, we are forever evolving, accomplishing goals, and becoming the individuals God created us to be. Allow 34th Avenue to transform your style as you journey through life from one victory to the next. Be BOLD, Be FREE, Be BEAUTIFUL, Be YOU 365 DAYS OF THE YEAR! We want you to Shine. We want to see you make them STARE!
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