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Meet Our CEO

As a creative being, there are many words that can be used to describe our CEO. Words such as believer, prayer warrior, servant, dancer, artist/creative, writer, Registered Nurse, daughter, sister, and friend are just a few. But one thing is for sure...Tiny is no stranger to fashion. 

She was first introduced to fashion by her mother, Sandra and grandmothers, Cleo and Tiny. Her mother, Sandra, taught her the importance of being and dressing as a lady with class. She led by example wearing 4-inch heels while teaching school for over thirty years. Cleo, as a dress/quilt maker, taught her that it’s not how expensive your clothes are, it’s more about how well you take care of what you have and how you wear it with confidence that makes all the difference. Then there was Tiny. Her grandmother Tiny was a fashionista from head to toe at all times... sure to turn heads everywhere. Her father Perry was also very influential as he never left home without a crease in his pants and hand-shined shoes. He would always encourage her to maintain a neat and stylish appearance. He would say things such as “Even if you’re are not representing anything or anyone else...you are ALWAYS representing yourself. 

Through these examples, Tiny developed a love for fashion. Her personal favorites are unique pieces and accessories that carry a life of their own. 

“When You Look Good…You Feel Good! Tiny believes your clothes are an outward expression of words you may never speak. Clothes can literally transform a person and their mood. Her creative eye, passion for fashion, and style mixed with a natural love for people will be used to provide real women of all shapes and sizes beautiful clothing. 

“With a Red lip, Arched Eyebrows, A Little Mascara, Gorgeous Shoes, Beautiful Clothing, a Big Bag and CONFIDENCE...A woman can change the WORLD” -Tiny J.


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